Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Blog pas: A social blunder between bloggers. (If you can call it "social," really, since it's a bunch of losers sitting in front of computers, alone in their rooms all by themselves with nobody else around, which is how they prefer it.) Example: The preceding sentence.
Beme: The intentional misspelling of a proper name in an attempt to foil search engines. Examples: Axel Beme, Tud Roil, John Dorkvak, Len Caine, Trim Jeacher, Yvonne Goolagong.
Anachroninny (anachronism + ninny): A protester, usually but not necessarily college-aged, who makes large, misshapen puppet-heads and burns pieces of colored cloth in an attempt at rebellion inspired by something he saw once on TV. "Dude, this could totally be That 60s Show, except without any Mountain Dew commercials!"

Not to be confused with anarchoninny.
Instalanche: A sudden influx of thousands of hits that threatens to crush your server, brought on by a link from Glenn Reynolds at
Tivo-diva: An owner of a PVR (personal video recorder) who is unusually sensitive to online "spoiler" information. Example: "Why did you give away the ending to that episode of Frasier from 2 months ago? I was gonna watch that!"